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Warehouse shelves
Station appliances
Storage cages and pallets
Material box (turnover box)
Handling picking car ladder
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How to purchase shelves in the new warehouse?
Advantages and 5 characteristics of the shuttle racking system
Eight steps of warehouse management
Safely manage the height of the assembled storage shelf structure
The automated three-dimensional warehouse welcomes spring
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Mobile: 13684915689
Fax: 0755—81470579
Contact: Mr. Zhu
Address: Building 69, Meilong Avenue, Longzhi, Shenzhen, China
Postcode: 518029
Company Profile
Shenzhen Dongxin Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design, production and sales of various logistics equipment. Its products include light, medium and heavy warehouse shelves , special purpose (extension shelves) , universal angle steel shelves , audiovisual Shelves , workstations , logistics handling equipment , network cable products , hardware processing, etc.

Shenzhen Dongxin Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. now has its own production industrial park with a plant area of more than 11,000 square meters. The company has 6 Taiwan automatic molding production lines, high-precision CNC presses, German Wagner electrostatic powder spray 70m long coating line, etc .; the company has 19 employees ... [Details]

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Customer case
Cantilever shelves
Medium-duty shelf
Heavy beam rack
Fluent shelves
Platform shelf
Through (drive-in) shelves
Mobile dense cabinet
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